VDL hooklift

The VDL hooklift system is characterized by a robust construction, which guarantees a long use even with heavy use. VDL hooklift systems are characterized by high operational reliability and a high degree of efficiency when setting up and setting down containers. The low roller height in combination with the heavy duty bearing of the iron track rollers ensure that even the heaviest containers can be lifted and taken off easily.


3A VDL haakarm systeem.jpg

External width 255 cm

The frame of the hooklift system and the chassis of the carrier form one completely integrated whole. As a result, a very compact and narrow construction is realized, which enables a large steering angle of the steering wheels. With tires of 600 mm wide, steering angles of 20 ° are achieved with an external width of 255 cm.

3B Uitwendige breedte 255 cm.JPG

Hydraulic triangle or air suspension

Depending on the type of hooklift system, you can choose BPW air suspension or the DEZEURE hydraulic triangle suspension. The BPW air suspension is the system if you mainly do road transport at high speed over longer distances. The DEZEURE hydraulic triangle suspension is the system if you work a lot on (heavy) terrain.