Muck spreaders

Choice between 3 spreading units

With the choice between a vertical spreader, combi spreader or discus spreader, you always have the right spreading unit that fits your product. With the vertical spreader you have a powerful and robust spreading unit that is suitable for spreading rough manure. With the combi spreader you have both a vertical spreader for spreading rough manure and also a broad spreader that is extremely suitable for spreading lighter products such as compost, chicken manure. With the disc you have a broad spreader with which you can mill the coarser product and then spread it with great precision.


Shipping chain

The multiple shipping chain guarantees efficiency, durability and reliability. You can adjust the speed so that you can perfectly adjust the spreading to your driving speed. Optionally, the shipping chain is available in an 'extreme heavy duty' version. Each chain has a force of no less than 18 tons.


Accurate dosing through Smartspread

The SmartSpread control ensures that you can work efficiently and comfortably with your DEZEURE muck spreader. The automatic driving speed dependent of the shippinc cain and the integrated task registration make the SmartSpread a great added value for your work. The large screen with clear display and logical control buttons guarantee a high level of user comfort.