about us

DEZEURE, an established name in the world of trailers for agriculture, industry and transportation. 

The origin of DEZEURE (1947) is situated in the world of agricultural contracting work. Systematically these activities were expanded with the production of tipping trailers for personal use, and so the story began. 

By continuously answering the needs of the market and by positioning ourselves as a partner, the product range of DEZEURE evolved simultaneously with its target market. 

As today, we can state that all aspects are closely monitored (economic, regulatory, environmental, technique,...) so that we can strive for trailers that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the modern enterprise. 

DEZEURE is a client driven company, no heavy structure but direct contacts. This vision is pulled through every fiber of the organization. Think about the service. If the client needs to drive, he must drive!! As an original contracting worker, DEZEURE understands this better than anyone.

Team Dezeure


Establishment 2020

Luchtfoto juni 2019

Establishment 2021