Silage trailer: the silocruiser

Ultra strong loading platform

The combination of steel plate side walls and fully welded steel stanchions give the Silocruiser loading platform stability. Due to this construction, the side walls have only one profile along the length, as a result of which the inside of the body is smooth. This in combination with the mechanically driven floor chain ensures that even a heavy and / or stuck cargo can be released quickly.


4A Ultra sterke en gladde laadbak.JPG

Hydraulic triangular suspension

The hydraulic triangular suspension gives the DEZEURE Silocruiser the highest stability. The big axle movement makes driving in difficult conditions possible, but also offers a solution if you want to drive up a steep pit (backwards). The hydraulic suspension system ensures comfortable driving when you are driving on the road with full loads at high speeds. In addition, Smartcruise offers you maximum possibilities when it comes to the operation of the loading platform and chassis.

4B Hydraulische driehoeksvering.JPG

Maximum traction

In addition to the robust BPW axles (150x150mm, brakes 410x180 mm) with which the Silocruiser is equiped as standard, optional axles with traction are possible. The unique DEZEURE HD drive axles have an unrivaled load capacity on both fixed axle and steering axle (s) of no less than 35 tons (static). In addition, DEZEURE HD drive steering axles have a steering angle of 18 °. All this ensures that you are able to harvest your crop even in the most difficult conditions. Optionally, the so-called freewheel drive axles are available.



Hydraulic side

Due to the hydraulic side, there is an extremely good visibility during loading and edges of the field can be rounded cleanly on the field. In addition, the Silocruiser can be used to the maximum: very little waste and full loads ensure that more m³ is transported.

Auden (953).JPG


  • 2-axle: 2 fixed axles -BPW #150/10 brakes 410x180 (forced steering: option)
  • 3-axle: BPW #150 - 1st + 3rd axle forced steering
  • Hydraulic triangular suspension on the axles
  • Drawbar with hydraulic suspension
  • Hydraulic backdoor
  • Air brakes
  • 2-axles: 4x9 tons shipping chains|3-axle: 4x13 tons shipping chains
  • Fixed raise 800 mm
  • See-trough in the voorkant
  • Wide-angle cardan on 1 side
  • Reinforced top-edge - 2 sides
  • Lighting




  • Hand pump on hydraulic jack
  • Industrial eyelet or boll coupling 80 Scharmüller


  • Hydraulic folding raise front
  • Hydraulic raise on the side (600 mm)
  • 2 dosing mills instead of. 1
  • Without dosing mills
    • 13 tons chain 12x80 (standard on 3-axle)
    • 18 tons chain 12x80
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Automatic covering system


  • Work lights in LED
  • Extra flash (1 flash is standard)
  • Rotating light
  • Width lights


  • Hydraulic brakes 2 lines


  • Standard on selectors from the tractor
  • Elektrohydraulic functions | Load sensing
  • SMART CRUISER: All functions integrated in 1 digital screen


  • Automatic central lubrication


  • Metallized
  • Other colour
  • 2 colours


  • Height from 1350 to 1500
  • Width from 600 to 710
  • Most popular tyres: 710/50R 30,5 Alliance 331 or Vredestein flotation trac radial
  • Technical controll
  • Delivery

Technical data

TypeDimensionsContent SAE
SW 35
SW 42
SW 45

SW 51
SW 54
SW 56
6000 (+600)x2400x1400 (+800) 
6800 (+600)x2400x1400 (+800) 
7500 (+600)x2400x1400 (+800)

8200 (+600)x2400x1400 (+800)
8700 (+600)x2400x1400 (+800)
9000 (+600)x2400x1400 (+800)


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