Tipping trailers

Dezeure stands for high quality tipping trailers!
To reach this level of quality, every part is chosen and designed with this standard in mind.
And don't forget the empty weight which is reduced by using a well thought out design.
DEZEURE offers a wide range of models and options to make sure that the specific needs of your company can be fulfilled.

Strong loading space

Due to the external and fully welded stakes, the loading platform is very strong and has a great resistance to deformation. Even with a big length and/ or height of the loading platform, it resist maximum forces on the side walls and bottom.  It can rightly be stated that the loading platform of DEZEURE agricultural tippers is among the strongest in its gamma.

1A sterke laadbak.JPG

Stable chassis

The hydraulic leaf suspension ensures a very comfortable driving when transported by road. The hydraulic spring cylinders ensure a high lateral stability when tipping, so that tipping can be done safely and quickly. The hydraulic system ensures that all axles have the same load, preventing excessive load on one or more axles.

1B Satbiel en lichttrekkend onderstel.JPG

Wide loading space

Thanks to the well thought-out construction of the loading space, it has an internal width of 2.300 mm. Your DEZEURE tipping trailer meets the legally required dimensions. This means a compact construction with no loss of content. The compact design provides maneuverability and stability during tipping.

1C Brede laadbak.JPG

Hard chromed tipping cylinder

The tipping cylinder is of industrial quality with the first stage being hard chromed. The tipping trailer can be stored for a long period with the loading container in a slightly tipped position without the risk of a rusting tipping cylinder.

1D Hardverchroomde kipcilinder.jpg