Low loaders

Axles SAF and air suspension

DEZEURE low loaders are standard equipped with SAF axles and SAF air suspension. SAF axles and SAF air suspension are characterized by quality, low maintenance costs and high operational reliability. In addition, SAF has a big, service network in the Benelux, Europe and even beyond, so that you are assured of service suppport.

17A SAF assen en luchtvering.JPG

Solid construction

Whether it concerns the chassis, the loading floor, the loading bridges and / or other components. The DEZEURE low loaders are solid and strong built. This allows you to safely load, unload and transport heavy machines.

17B Degelijke bouwwijze.JPG

Addapted to your load

The many options ensure that you can fully addapt your DEZEURE low loader to your wishes. Extra eyes in the loadfloor to secure the load, lighting, various load floor lengths, storage boxes, work lights, etc. In other words: You name it, we build it.

17C Op maat van uw lading (1).JPG

Pictures low loaders