Slurry spreader Transline

Big choice of volumes

The Transline is the perfect slurry spreader for transport. With a wide range from 14 m3 to no less than 30 m3, you can always choose the Transline that suits your business.

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Driving comfprt

With air suspension, you choose for maximum driving comfort when driving at high speeds on the public road. With the hydraulic suspension you choose the combination of driving comfort when driving on public roads and stability when driving in the field. You can choose tires with a static diameter of up to 1,620 mm, so that the ground pressure and the required tractor power can be favorably influenced when driving in the field. The Transline slurry tanks can also be optionally equipped with one or more driven axles.

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Widly applicable

Thanks to the wide selection of pumping systems you can perfectly adapt the DEZEURE Transline to your wishes. Whether it is a vacuum pump, displacement pump, a water pump or a combination; it's possible. By combining the different pumping systems, your DEZEURE Transline slurry can be used for a wide range of purposes.


Standard version Farmline & Transline


  • Air brakes 3-stands on single axle
  • Air brakes load depended on 2-axle and 3-axle
  • Pit hose 5m
  • Hydraulic jack + line
  • Hydraulic valve on the back of the tank
  • Drawbar: < =12 000l rubber suspension | > 12 000l: hydr. suspension
  • Moisture trap
  • Vacuum pump with safety,  oil tray + damper
  • Standard cardan (wide-angle cardan in option)
  • Eyelet
  • 3 gauge glasses
  • Tyres 1400x20
  • Lighting: big rear lights in LED + side lighting + 1 flash
  • Starting from 10 000l steel mudguards with hose rack
  • Chassis: 2K lacquer - galvanized tank

Pictures slurry spreaders Transline