Slurry spreader farmline

Solid construction

The spreaders are characterized by their solid construction. You will find the quality mainly on the inside of the tank. In the case of a vacuum tank, this is of course carried out with sufficient vacuum rings so that it can withstand the vacuum. All tanks are also equipped with so-called 'crosses', resulting in a very strong  tank.


Reliable technology

The components used are all from renowned brands. You can choose between Battioni Paggani or Jurop vacuum pumps. In addition, the tank, moisture trap, damper and the optional mudguards and hose racks are galvanized as standard.

7B Betrouwbare techniek.jpg

Options as disered

Due to the large selection of connections and versions you can add the DEZEURE Farmline to your needs. You can choose from one or more connections on the left, right or back side. You can also choose to have your DEZEURE Farmline quipped with a turbo filler and.


Standard version Farmline & Transline


  • Air brakes 3-stands on single axle
  • Air brakes load depended on 2-axle and 3-axle
  • Pit hose 5m
  • Hydraulic jack + line
  • Hydraulic valve on the back of the tank
  • Drawbar: < =12 000l rubber suspension | > 12 000l: hydr. suspension
  • Moisture trap
  • Vacuum pump with safety,  oil tray + damper
  • Standard cardan (wide-angle cardan in option)
  • Eyelet
  • 3 gauge glasses
  • Tyres 1400x20
  • Lighting: big rear lights in LED + side lighting + 1 flash
  • Starting from 10 000l steel mudguards with hose rack
  • Chassis: 2K lacquer - galvanized tank

Pictures Farmline