Slurry spreader Bronto

Low ground pressure

The DEZEURE Bronto slurry tankers can be fitted with tires with a static diameter of no less than 1.800 mm. This in combination with a large width of the tires ensures an extremely low ground pressure. With the optional tire pressure system, the ground pressure can be further reduced if desired.

9A Lage bodemdruk en grote bodemvrijheid.JPG

Driving comfort and stable

Thanks to the hydraulic suspension, the DEZEURE Bronto has great stability on the field and high driving comfort when driving at high speeds on the public roads. 

9B Rijcomfort.JPG


The narrow chassis in combination with the hydraulic suspension makes a large steering angle possible when using steering axles. This makes your DEZEURE Bronto highly manoeuvrable despite its large tires. The large steering angle also ensures minimal tyre wear, which saves costs.


The DEZEURE HD drive, developed and tested in-house, is suitable for the worst conditions. The DEZEURE HD drive axles have a static load capacity of 35 tons and a dynamic load capacity  of 15 tons when driving 50 km/h. 


standard version

  • Air brakes 3-positions on Dyno
  • Air brakes load dependent on Bronto
  • Drawbar: hydraulically suspended with 2 nitrogen balls
  • Vacuum pump with safety features, oil trap + damper
  • Standard cardan (in option wide-angle cardan)
  • Swiveling hitching eyelet
  • Lighting: large rear lights in LED + side lighting + 1 flash in the back
  • Fitted wheels with mudguards
  • Chassis: 2K lacquer - galvanized

Pictures Bronto