Maximal capacity

The large cleaning surface in combination with the straight-through flow of the product guarantees maximum capacity and minimum risk of damage to the product. The cleaning rollers work over the full width, so the product can flow through without hindrance.

13A Maximale capaciteit.jpg

Type of rollers

The infinitely variable setting of the rollers ensures that you can always adjust the setting to the product. The speed of the rollers can be regulated per 4 independently of each other, this ensures extra high cleaning capacity. In addition, the roller bed has an autoclean function with which the roller bed can easily be cleaned automatically. In addition, you can choose from, among other things, spiral rollers, star rollers and diabolic rollers with which you can fully adjust the Turbo cleaner to your circumstances and your product.

13B Variabele instelling rollen.JPG

Compact in transport

De DEZEURE Turbocleaner wordt doormiddel van een snelkoppelsysteem tegen de achterzijde van de laadbak gemonteerd. Hierdoor ontstaat geen verlies van inhoud van de laadbak wanneer met de DEZEURE Turbocleaner wordt gewerkt. In transportpositie is de DEZEURE Turbocleaner volledig tegen de achterzijde van de laadbak opgeklapt. Dus ook bij transport is er sprake van een compacte machine.

The DEZEURE Turbocleaner is mounted against the rear of the body by means of a quick coupling system. This means no loss of contents of the body when working with the DEZEURE Turbo Cleaner. In transport position, the DEZEURE Turbo Cleaner is completely folded up against the rear of the loading platform. So also with transport there is a compact machine.

13C Compact in transport.JPG

Simple (de) mounting

With the help of a telehandler, wheel loader or forklift the DEZEURE Turbocleaner can be easily and quickly dismantled. This way you can also overload products that do not require cleaning.

13D Eenvoudige (de)montage.JPG

Unique soil collector

The soil conveyor belt throws the soil that is removed from the product into the so-called soil collection bin. The soil collection container has a hydraulically open soil with which the collected soil is discharged over the field while driving. The soil remains on the field and the truck can load more harvested product. In addition, the factory that processes the harvested product has less soil to dispose of.

13E Unieke grondopvangbak.JPG

100% in-field operation

When unloading, the high-loader can remain on the field (or dam) while the vehicle being unloaded can remain on the road. This means that the road remains clean and even over fields along small (field) roads can be transferred.


eady to handle

Thanks to the Smart Loader, the TurboCleaner is easy to use via a compact screen. The Smart Loader represents complete integration. The overload trailer and the Turbocleaner can be controlled via this same screen.


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