Overload trailers


The DEZEURE overload trailers are leading when it comes to operation, safety, durability and minimal damage to the (harvested) product. Thanks to the different components, the DEZEURE overload trailer is very employable (Turbocleaner, Cascade, Sliding Trough). In addition, the wide choice of container dimensions and designs makes that the DEZEURE overload trailer can be fully added to your wishes.

12A Voorsprong door ervaring.JPG

Multi functionability

Thanks to the different shipping chains, you always have the shipping chain added to your product. With the so-called grain bottom, the loading space of the DEZEURE overload trailer is suited to transport  grain  an for example peas. The optional suspension from one or more axles esures that harvesting is possible in bad conditions.

12B Multi inzetbaar.jpg


During unloading, the spring cylinders are blocked in this way, the risk of instability is minimal. The high-positioned hinges of the loading space limit the inclination of the bottom in the unloading position. This makes unloading the product quick and efficient.
12D Stabiliteit.JPG


The SmartLoader prevents operating errors and ensures operating comfort. Automatic functions make safe and efficient unloading possible while the driver maintains full control of the process. The optionally integrated weighing system makes task registration very easy. In addition, the SmartLoader can be equipped with a radio remote control so that the unloading process can be followed up close. The mobile phone module makes remote service support possible..
12E Smartloader.jpg

Standard version

  • Hydraulic suspension
  • All lighting in LED + 4 work lights
  • Hydraulic decharging with 2 speeds
  • Potatoe chain: potatoes, carrots, onions,...
    → grain-tight soil in option
  • Hydraulic rear door
  • AXLES: BPW #150/10 brakes 410 x 180
  • Frontgrill + grill on the rear + ladder
  • Air brakes


  • Hydraulic suspension
  • All LED lighting + 4 worklights
  • Hydraulic control of the floor with 2 motors
  • Unloading in 2 speeds
  • Potato floor: usable for carrots, onions,… as well
  • (option: sealed floor for grains)
  • Hydraulic back door
  • AXLES: BPW #150/10 brakes 410 x 180 or pto driven axles MAN
  • Inspection platform at front and backside
  • Air or hydraulic brakes



  • Load transfer with toplink
  • Hydraulic suspension on the drawbar
  • Additional working light(s)
  • Width lights
  • Stackable extenstions
  • Free steering axle with hydraulic blocking
  • Forced steering axle(s)
  • Forced steering axle(s) with automatic alignment
  • PTO large angle
  • Camera with 7” screen


  • Floor for beets
  • Floor for potatoes (crops bigger than 1 cm)
  • Floor sealed for grains (good for all types of crops)
  • Stainless steel Floor
  • The complete loading space in stainless steel
  • Special model for peas


  • Air brakes
  • Metallization
  • Other color possible on demand
  • Automatic central graising system
  • Weighing system


  • Controlled by the spool valves of the tractor (standard)
  • Hydraulic group on the trailer, PTO driven
  • Hydraulic unit working with the load sensing pump of the tractor
  • SECUTOUCH: is an easy to use touchscreen complete secured control of the trailer
  • Automatic level control
  • Wireless remote control


  • Hydraulic side panel. Possibility to load 500 mm lower into the overload trailer
  • Swan neck: downwards-inclined floor, overload lower into the lorry

DRIVEN AXLES 4x4 | 6x6

  • Traction axles MAN with electro-pneumatic controlled gearbox
  • Secured by the SECUTOUCH controller
  • FREE WHEEL DRIVE on the driven axles
  • Hydraulic link on the gearbox

Technical data

TypeUnloading heightDimensionsAxles
Most popular models
4,5 mm
4,5 mm
4,5 mm
7700 x 2300 x 1300 (+400-600mm)
8700 x 2300 x 1100 (+400-600mm)
9000 x 2500 x 1300 (+400-600mm)
2 > 1 truck = in 2 times / 1 camion = 2 x TRANS D20
3 > 1 truck = in 1 time / 1 camion = 1 x TRANSMAX

Pictures overload trailers