HD Drive

The DEZEURE HD drive is an option available on tipping trailers, hook lifts, silage trailers, muck spreaders, slurry spreaders or overload traielrs. With the ever-increasing engine power of tractors and growing trailers in agriculture, we started looking for heavier traction axes. We chose to develop our own traction axles. The axles are 80% stronger than the axles that are currently on the market.

Very strong

The DEZEURE HD drive, developed and tested in-house, is suitable for the worst conditions. The DEZEURE HD drive axles have a static load capacity of 35 tons and a dynamic load capacity  of 15 tons when driving 50 km / h. 


No limits

The DEZEURE HD drive can handle 80% more power than other brands' powered axles. In addition, the DEZEURE HD drive has steering axles and a a steering angle of no less than 18 °. This means traction in combination with great maneuverability in even the toughest conditions. No limits when it comes to traction!

16B No limits.jpg

Soil friendly

Traction on your DEZEURE tipping trailer, hook-lift, silage trailer, muck spreader, slurry spreader or overload trailer means that your tractor must transfer less pull force to the ground via the wheels. This means soil-friendly driving behavior which minimizes damage to soil and / or structure.

HD DRIVE-silh@2x.png

Better quality of the pit

If you equip your DEZEURE silage trailer with HD drive, you can also easily ride backwards against the pit with steep sidewalks and / or with little spacet. This allows you to unload the product while driving. This means that the product can be distributed over the pit faster.

16D Betere kuil kwaliteit.JPG