Slurry spreader XL line

Low own weight

With the same total weight, the low weight of the polyester tank means that you can transport more cargo. This gives you more capacity. On the other hand, the low weight of the polyester tank means that with a constant content you have a lighter tank truck which reduces the ground pressure when driving in the field. The polyester tank offers a lot of advantages.


A lot of models

Whether you are looking for a slurry tank for transport or if you are looking for a slurry tank for field work; the XL version is available for all applications. If you want large tires then you can choose the DEZEURE Bronto in XL version. And if you are looking for a flexible solution then Cargoline in XL version is the solution for you.

10B Ruime keuze in modellen.JPG

Driving comfort

For maximum driving comfort in combination with lightweight, the Transline XL and Bronto XL are equipped with air suspension. With 3 axles, the air suspension can optionally be equipped with a lift axle.

10C Rijcomfort.JPG

Börger pump

The XL line is standard equipped with a Börger pump of no less than 6 m³ / min. This pump has extra power to suck up more difficult products.


Standard version Transline & Cargoline XL


  • Polyester tank with capacity 24000 L / 26000 L
  • Pump 6m3/min
  • Pump electrically operated with automatic turn
  • Level indicator in front
  • Perrot 6 "connection at the rear
  • Chassis with air suspension
  • Nitrogen-suspended drawbar
  • The tank is removable
  • Provided for tires up to Ø 1.65 m

Pictures slurry spreaders XL